Choosing The Most Efficient Credit Card Processing Company For Your Business

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Credit card processing facilities have become an inevitable part of businesses since it becomes convenient for both the customers and businesses to make and process payments. If you are running a small business and already have a website setup for the business, then it is quite simple to add online credit card processing to it. However, your website should have a shopping cart in it and a store for this purpose.

There are numerous advantages of making use of an online credit card processing technique. With this technique, you no longer have security concerns and can avoid paper works. The monthly fees charged as processing fee is cheap and affordable for the business house. Most of the service providers offer two payment modes. In the first method, users are redirected to the service provider’s website to make the payment and in the second method, users can make payments directly from the payment button integrated in the retailer website. Keep in mind that the payment system should be encrypted and secure. Therefore, it is advisable that you seek the help of an expert web developer for this purpose.

Now, when you setup online credit card processing technique, make sure that it is versatile. Keep in mind that customers may use different types of cards and restricting some of these cards may affect your business. Therefore, make sure that the credit card setup is capable of accepting most of the cards. As mentioned above, security is also an important criterion. You should be careful in choosing the credit card service provider and should make sure that the company is trustworthy and has a good service record.

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The fee can vary depending on the service provider you choose. The different fees include statement fees, percentage fees, gateway fees, etc. Keep in mind that you can negotiate on the price with the service provider. When it comes to subscription, most of the service providers would be interested in offering you annual subscription. However, it is advisable to go for the monthly subscription packages. This is because you can quit the service any month if you are not satisfied with it.

So, if you are looking to provide better payment methods for your customers, then avail the service of a credit card processing company today. Make sure that you go through all the service agreements and find out if there are any hidden charges involved before signing the final contract.

Basic Things To Look For In A Credit Card Processing Company

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Choosing one from the plethora of credit card processing companies offering card processing services can be a daunting task. While looking for a credit card processing firm, make sure that you have checked the following constraints before making the final choice.

Early Termination Fee

One of the basic things that you need to check when looking for a credit card processing company is the early termination or cancelation fee. Make sure that you select a company that does not charge you for the early termination of the card. However, since it is very difficult to find a company that provides processing services without taking a cancelation fee, make it your priority to look for and select the one that takes only minimal amount as cancelation fee. Never take services from a credit card processing company that has liquidated damages termination fee. This means that you will have to pay the company for the rest of the amount on your full contract.

What Each Transaction Costs You

Another factor that you need to know is how much the credit card processing companies will charge you for each transaction you make using the credit cards. You also need to make sure what other fees the credit card processors collect from you as some charge monthly or annual fees, regulatory fees, compliance fees and statement fees from their customers. Make sure that you do know about all these fees before taking a credit card.

Early Termination Fee

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Another thing that you need to consider is whether the card processor sees you as a high-risk customer or not. Customers with low credit score are considered as high risk customers and it is difficult for a high-risk customer to get a card. Even if they get a card, they will have to pay higher rates for processing their credit cards. Even though it is not easy to find the same, knowing this factor will greatly help you in selecting a good credit card processor.

One of the major things that you need to note is the encryption techniques and security measures adopted by the credit card processing companies for processing your card. Make sure that the company provides you with high security encrypted service on online payments. Select the company that provides the most secure environment so that the user data stays safe and secure. Also, make sure that the processor will provide you with support 24×7.

Setup A Mobile Credit Card Processing System In Your Shop

Intuit Credit Card Processing

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Smartphones have reduced the need of using bulky devices for many of our daily technology needs. A good example is the credit card processing terminals. You do not need them anymore. Just install a mobile credit card processing app in your smartphone and you are good to go.

How to setup Intuit credit card processing system in your smartphone

Similar to the credit card processing system you used before, you have to sign up for an account with a card processing service. The only difference here is that you do not need to use a separate credit card terminal for accepting the payments. By installing the app on your smartphone, you are simply converting your mobile device to a credit card processing port.

This is indeed very convenient. Everyone owns a smartphone these days and most of your employees will have one for sure. You just need to install the app in their phone devices and create separate accounts for them. The main benefit of using this method is its obvious portability.

Intuit credit card processing app will be very useful to a retailer, who provides home delivery services. When you are making a ‘Payment on Delivery’ transaction, all you need to take with you is your smartphone. Since your smartphone now doubles as a credit card processing device, there is no need to carry any other device.

Just install the app, log in using your username and password and you are good to go. You just need to type in the credit card information provided by the customer to facilitate the transaction. Once the transaction is complete, all the credit card data remaining in the system will be automatically deleted. This is a very important security feature required in all credit card systems.

USB Credit Card Reader

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Of course, swiping the credit card is safer than typing in the credit card details and many customers indeed insist on using such a facility. For this, you can use a Bluetooth or USB credit card reader, which you can use with the app. You can easily purchase this device from the official website of the card processing service provider. Such card readers for smartphones are also widely available in the market these days.

Also, keep in mind that the card processing companies charge more for the ‘card-less’ transactions. Therefore, you will have to purchase this essential accessory for your mobile credit card processing system as well.

Criteria For Rating Credit Card Processing Companies

Credit Card Processing Reviews

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Many credit card processing reviews skip over the different aspects of the services that are to be considered when writing them. As a result, the information is sometimes of less or no help, because your own priorities might differ from that of the author. Here are some of the main characteristics you should look for in the credit card processing reviews you read.

The fees

There are many things that have an effect on the discounts and rebates that you can avail from the credit card processing company you choose. One of these is the length of time you’ve been in the field, and another is the portion of your sales that was done over the phone or the internet. Another important thing is the type of business you own and there’s also your personal credit score and rating. Finally, there’s the total sales you manage to garner in a month. The provider may also bring service charges into the picture, which would add to your expense.

There’s more to look at the credit card processing fee besides the discount rate itself. You should check the application fees and the discount rate, but then there’s also the starting expense on the equipment, the per-transaction fees, monthly minimum charges, charges for voice verification, charges for any extra address verification, charges for monthly statements, and others. If your average sale is of $20, then a 0.5% discount rate translates to a difference of 10 cents.

Discounts And Rebates

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There are companies that make you keep an account in the bank so that they process your cards. If so, be aware of it beforehand; read all the fine print. Find out what circumstances would enable the bank to put a hold on your account, and by how much. Also check how often you can draw money from such an account, and how long their checks would take to clear at your local bank.

Always be aware of equipment costs, and the processing charges for the software and hardware. The same hardware can cost you up to $500 more when you buy it from somewhere else. Also, know if the mobile processing option is covered in your service subscription. This would come in handy, when you need to charge customers while on the road. The billing can be done using your smartphone.

These are some of the aspects that credit card processing reviews – helpful ones – would cover. For more such tips and guidelines, read our other posts.

Popular Credit Card Processing Apps For IPhone

Iphone Credit Card Processing

Iphone Apps For Credit Card Processing

There is a growing tendency among folks to use smartphones these days. Generally speaking, you can classify smartphones into three different groups based on the operating systems used in them; Windows smartphones, Android smartphones and iPhones. IPhone, the premier smartphone from Apple, uses iOS (an independent operating system developed by Apple) as its operating system.

There are millions of effective applications available in iTunes, the app download centre for iPhones and iPads. Some of the top merchant banking services have released iPhone credit card processing apps in iTunes. With the help of these apps, it is quite simple for a trader to accept credit/debit cards from his customers for instant financial transactions. The top iPhone apps for credit card processing are discussed in this article.


Hardly be there anyone who has never tried PayPal for online shopping. The usefulness and popularity of PayPal is so immense that it has become a household name for money transactions during online shopping. Nonetheless, it was only recently that PayPal released an iPhone credit card processing app. Today, PayPal has credit card processing applications for a number of platforms including Windows and Android. The better part of the PayPal credit card processing app for iPhone is that it allows you to save the history of each transaction in its database. You can access this data at any time for future references or to follow up on a particular transaction.


Premier Smartphone

       Credit Card Processing Apps

Released by Intuit solutions, Gopayment is the second most popular credit card processing application for iPhones. Unlike most other credit card processing apps which are either meant for small scale traders or large scale traders, Gopayment meets the requirements for both simultaneously. The app is capable of handling large numbers of credit card transactions at the same time.

Moreover, users are given a number of offers based on the usage of the application. Another reason for the large number of users for Gopayment is its attractive payment schemes. It does not charge you on a monthly basis irrespective of how many times you use the app. It has a per-transaction based charging system. So, if you do not use this service often in a specific month, you are not charged unnecessarily for the service.

Other popular iPhone credit card processing apps include Inner Fence and Square. Each app is different in terms of features. If you are seriously thinking about getting a credit card processing app for your iPhone, review several of them, evaluate their features and pick the best one.

Why Credit Card Processing Is Essential For Small Businesses

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Credit cards have revolutionized the way people make payments. This remarkable strategy lets the consumer buy products on credit, relying on their ability to pay up the next month when they will have the required funds in hand. This is good for the users because they get to overshoot their bank balance in case of emergencies and it benefits the banks because of the increased revenue it makes.

Most of all, it benefits you, the business owner, because the users are encouraged to purchase more!

Credit cards have changed the mode of payments and have become the accepted norm. Most people prefer to carry plastic money rather than actual money and consider it safer for a variety of reasons. For all purposes, credit cards are more convenient when making huge purchases.

This way, the need for carrying a huge wad of cash is avoided. Moreover, credit card transactions are a lot faster than its alternatives like cheque or demand drafts that would take upto a week for the payment to change hands. If you are wondering about the reasons for this, it is quite obvious. Cheque processing requires a lot of formalities and half of the process has to be completed by hand by the bank officials. In contrast, credit cards, due to the modern credit card processing techniques, are handled entirely automatically. From the second the amount is entered and the credit card is swiped through the credit card machine, the entire process of money changing hands is electronic, making it instant, hassle-free and much more convenient.

Nowadays, credit cards have got so common that it has become accepted as one of the standard modes of payment. Since the entire procedure is electronic, major businesses prefer this way of payment. There is no extensive paper work nor is there any delay due to human involvement. Even for small businesses, merchant credit card processing is proven to be extremely beneficial.

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Why? When consumers walk into your business establishment, their purchasing power will be limited by the money they currently have in hand. However, when the consumers know that your business establishment will accept credit cards, they can shop without worries knowing they can pay directly through their account.

Although you will need to make some investment in the beginning, it will pay its dues in a short time and you will continue to reap the benefits for a long time because of the increased revenue you make. Hence, as you can see, merchant credit card processing is indeed essential.

Best Methods Of Credit Card Processing Online

Online credit card processing

            Online credit card processing info

There are many online credit card processing companies that provide card processing facilities to assist you in online transactions. Now, there are various payment plans set by each company for sellers. For instance, if you wish to sell your services or products through the internet and accept payments through credit cards, you need to register for an account. In order to register an account, you will be required to pay a certain amount of money for online installation and various other features.

Now, the important thing is how to select a credit card processing service company that can set up a good quality account without charging a huge sum? Actually, the choice might not be that easy, but there are certain considerations you can use for choosing the one, which is feasible for you. Every online credit card processing company provides a list of features for you to peruse on its website. The companies opting for online payment options vary when it comes to its size and scalability. Nowadays, you will find many SMBs operating online. Therefore, all their customers make their payment online. But, the enterprises involved in these businesses have pretty limited financial resources. So, the most prefer cost-effective options in terms of online payment processing services.

Now, for choosing the appropriate company, you need to examine the appropriate parameters offered by the online processing firm. There are certain considerations such as the kind of software application being offered and the kind of support the application offers to the buyer as well as the seller. These considerations help us rate the service of the credit card processing company.


                Credit card processing help

Another important factor you need to consider involves the kind of payment gateways the processing company supports. This is crucial and most of the time ignored by sellers. The main reason for this is that a customer may get annoyed, if a website does not support a type of payment gateway. It is obvious that customers seek discount rates and because of this, some customers choose the company providing the best discount rate without even considering the other services offered. This may seem unfair, but for a business, customers are always right.

If you wish to see you business run well and smooth, you need to facilitate these online payment options. This should help your sales figures and trigger company growth. You should focus on these considerations while choosing credit card processing online.

Getting Familiar With The Processing Of PayPal Credit Cards

PayPal Credit Card Processing

                    PayPal Card Processing Features

One of the major advantages of PayPal credit card processing is that you will be able to enjoy optimal credit card service facilities and security options from the payment processor. The noteworthy factor is that it is not just any other payment processor but the one who rightly is aware about the complete inside and out of the payment procedures pertaining to this industry.  Read along to know more about the additional advantages of PayPal credit card processing.

PayPal credit card features

Over the years, customers from across the globe were able to make successful financial deals with the help of their PayPal credit cards. Be it for e-commerce payments, retail solutions or restaurant solutions, PayPal credit cards always have an upper hand over the conventional credit cards doing their rounds in the present consumer market.

You can see that PayPal always provide their customers with less expensive merchant card processing services. The best part is that these credit card processing services are easy to integrate, quicker and highly reliable. Are you looking forward to setting up a small business and get it smoothly running, or simply looking for a credit card processor that can provide you with optimal security options? Then PayPal credit card processing will certainly prove to be one of the best options in front of you.

PayPal credit card services have the professional expertise and vast experience that will provide you top notch service facilities. Adding to that, you will also be able to enjoy the lowest rates. This feature will enable you to make substantial money savings while you accept numerous debit cards, ACH payments and major credit cards for more business and improved profits.

Customer Care

                        PayPal Credit Cards

It is great to know that PayPal credit card services cater to both startup e-commerce business ventures and large non-profitable organizations alike. Regardless of the business requirements, PayPal credit card services are equipped with the A to Z of credit card processing solutions for everyone. The customer care department strives to provide the clients with optimal guidance regarding credit card processing services and related facilities. You can also make use of the 24/7 customer care number to get prompt feedback regarding the different service options of the credit card.

The advanced security options are inclusive of tokenization and end-to-end encryption (E2EE). These options are tailor-made for protecting sensitive data and this will in turn reduce the risk of credit card frauds.

Why Should You Choose Costco American Express Credit Card?

Costco Credit Card Processing

               Features Of Costco Credit Cards

Many businesses use Costco credit card processing setup. Costco has been involved in various businesses, with Costco credit card processing being one of them. They are also into credit cards dealings and most of you might have heard of Costco credit cards. American Express provides this card and here, we will find out the various features of this card.

The major feature of Costco American Express card is that if you already have a paid membership with Costco, you do not have to pay additional amount as annual fee. You can also benefit from the purchases of other members if you have added them.

One of the major attractions of using Costco American Express card is the 3 percent cash back offer. When you purchase gasoline at Costco or any of the stand-alone gas stations using the card, you can avail cash back of 3 percent. However, this offer is restricted to the first 4,000 dollars spent at gas stations or at Costco. Thereafter, you will gain 1 percent cash back. When you use the card to make travel purchases and at US restaurants, you will receive 2 percent cash back. The cash back can be provided to you in the form of annual reward coupons. You can redeem this coupon for cash or purchase any Costco merchandise.

The Annual Percentage Rate or APR is 0.0 percent for the initial period of six months. After this period, the APR would be 15.24 percent. Another benefit of using Costco American Express credit cards is the access to wide range of entertainment shows. You can purchase tickets for these shows at a discounted rate before the tickets are made available to the public.

Annual Percentage Rate

             Advantages Of Costco Credit Cards

By using Costco American Express credit cards, you can avail extended warranty on items that come with a warranty period of 5 years or less. The warranty of the items that you purchase can be extended by one year. If you are using your card for car rental, you will be insured against theft or accidental damages. Other insurance covered with the card is travel accident insurance.

American Express is known for its good quality customer services and in case of disputes; the company would quickly help you to resolve the issues between the merchant and you. If you have tried Costco credit card processing, you would have already experienced valuable services of the company. Therefore, sign up for Costco American Express credit card today and avail benefits that no others offer you.