Credit Cards- Processing And Terminal Fees


                  Credit Card Processing

Merchant service providers specialize is setting small business credit card processing systems. These systems are tailor made to the specific needs of the small businesses. While collecting a small credit card processing fees (usually in the form of flat transaction fees and a percentage of the total charges that are involved in the transaction), they can offer many services including, terminal authorization, online services and mobile credit card processing. This will obviously open the doors to new customer markets that you never knew existed in reality.

But as any of the online search will show you, there are numerous merchant service companies to choose from and finding out the perfect provider for your small business can prove to be a daunting task. If you have the idea about what you are looking for in a processing company, making yourself credit card ready can be a simple and easy task. Like any business, small business owners are ultimately concerned with their bottom line,

There are many factors to consider while making an investment in a credit card processing service. These include the time you can expect to be spending learning and understanding the new system, how quickly and easily you can get it fixed if a portal or terminal goes down, and if the service provider offers fraud protection. You should be aware of the credit card processing companies that offer ridiculously low rates and huge discounts on terminal installation but are not backed by the Better Business Bureau.


                        Card Processing Fees

Make sure that the company in question is a reputable one and offers installation and instructional courses for your staff and that they offer twenty four hours technical support in case of an emergency. Moreover, they should offer fraud protection and assistance programs in case any purchases are made through your business with a stolen credit card number. Dealing with the credit card processing companies in situations like this can be much stressful and time consuming for the small businesses. If your credit card provider is on hand to ensure that the right steps to protect yourself are taken, things will go smooth for your business.

With the right credit card services, you will be able to improve your business sales and will be able to go smoother, faster and with much less aggravation. If you wish to know more on credit card processing fees or any other details, you can seek advice of a professional in the field.

Benefits Of Credit Card Processing


Credit Card Processing

Before adopting small business credit card processing, you will have to think from the perspective of the customer and will have to lose any preconceived emotions that you may or may not have regarding it. If you are running a small business online or are having a physical store, accepting credit cards for payments adds convenience to your customers. The percentage of buyers who make use of credit cards for their daily purchases is much higher than ever and you will be turning away customers if you are not willing to provide them the opportunity to buy with credit cards.

Recent reports and statistics regarding credit card processing show an increase in the average purchase size of over 20% when you accept credit cards. There will also be an overall increase in transactions by 40%. This means that integrating small business credit card processing into your business will lead to an instant increase in your business and the numbers of customers that you could be turning away by not accepting credit cards online will be staggering.


         Business Credit Card Processing

Even more important is the perception of your business that professional card payment processing conveys. When you allow for transaction processing through credit cards, you will be making a statement to the customer that you take your business seriously and that you are concerned about adding values and comfort for your customers. In an online business environment, where trust and perception are the keys to customer retention and profitability, accepting credit cards with a secure merchant account system is necessary. When you consult clients regarding moving their online business to success and profit, credit card processing shows near instant results by increasing the sales that were being lost unnecessarily.

Signing up for credit card processing and applying for a merchant account is not as difficult as it seems to be. There are many brokers who can manage the application process for you. This will help you keep it hassle free. Implementing your shopping cart and gateway setup is automatic in most of the modern shopping carts. You just have to keep an eye on the discount rates and other different fees that your credit card processing company wishes to charge and be sure that the services apply for your industry. If you wish to know more on small business credit card processing, you can seek advice of a professional in the field.

Quick Mobile Card Processing

mobile credit card processing

        Mobile Credit Card Processing Information

With the advent of internet banking and card processing, things have become much easy for the customers as well as businesses to deal with money. One of the recent card processing technologies is mobile credit card processing. This is a highly convenient way of card processing. When the device is ready to accept credit cards or debit cards, all customers have to do is simply swipe their credit or debit card. The accompanying software helps in making the transaction possible. This process allows customers to make payments for products or services in no time and that too, from any location.

Mobile credit card processing has become extremely popular these days and is being developed by various brands. Two of the most popular ones include PayPal and Nedbank, who have introduced their own form of mobile card processing devices.  There are many other brands, who will undoubtedly follow suit, seeing the incredible success of such mobile payment processing method.  We can expect more competition in the growing market. Many businesses are trying to compete and there are many interesting ideas that are coming up.

Let us have a look at some of the wonderful possibilities and advantages of this amazing phenomenon. Having such a convenient, smooth, secure and reliant payment option can obviously be advantageous to customers as well as businesses.  Incorporation of this card processing system can lead to increase in sales. Moreover, the payment method has brought in so much convenience for the customers as well as sellers that sales are bound to improve. Apart from that, there is an important factor of credibility in the minds of the customer. The business will benefit from the fact that customers feel they are using the latest possible technology for making transactions easy and simple.

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                   Mobile Credit Card Processing

Maximum portability is an obvious benefit of this modern card processing method. Owing to its small size and ability to be concealed, credit card transaction can be made possible no matter where they are. The transaction is made possible from your office, house, restaurant, wherever.  The new card processing method allows better comfort and reduces the displeasure observed in other payment systems. Portability plays a huge role in this.

Mobile card processing offers excellent services with little or no extra costs incurred. The monthly charges are low and there are virtually no monthly processing charges. This expedites the transaction process and makes it more cost effective.

There are some great advantages to adopting this most advanced card processing technology for mobile card processing. In short, it is something, which both customers and businesses would love to avail.

QuickBooks Payment Options- GoPayment

QuickBooks Credit Card Processing

              credit card processing

One of the main issues that business owners now face is accepting payments from their customers. The issue was mainly caused when people became overwhelmed with credit and debit cards, and they stopped taking money to pay for the services they were offered. For integrating a credit card reader in your business, if you are a small business owner, you will not be able to get one for your business easily. With the rise in technology and advancement of smart phones, you can set up a credit card payment option for your business using your smart phone. You can use your Android phone or tablet to accept payments wherever you go by using QuickBooks credit card processing.

QuickBooks allows you to make credit card processing in an easy, fast and commitment free way. This method allows you to accept credit cards from anywhere and anytime. You can do this by connecting the credit card reader and connecting it with the GoPayment app for accepting credit cards from anywhere in the world. Now you do not have to miss a sale since you do not have a credit card processor. The best thing about credit card processing by QuickBooks is that the service is rendered in competitive pricing packages.

Accept Credit Cards

         card processing by QuickBooks

The two main pricing options that the company provides its customers are provided here. The first option is that you pay a monthly fee of $19.95 a month with rates as low as 1.75% per swipe and the second one is the Pay As You Use method. In the second method, there is no fixed monthly fee, but you pay about 2.4% per swipe. Whichever option you select, it is completely commitment free and you can break the contract any time you feel so.

One of the main features of QuickBooks credit card processing is that since it easily syncs with the QuickBooks app on your mobile desktop and online, it is easy to manage your business using this mode of payment. With few clicks or swipes, you will be able to get the whole account details. The best feature of opting for this payment method is that it is easily obtainable and provides a free credit card reader for using with your Android smart phone or tablet. The app also allows you to maintain the accounts of customers who pay solid cash.

The new version of the app has disabled location based sales tax calculation, so make sure that you enter the correct tax amount first.

Credit Card Processing- The First Step To Make Your Business Look More Professional

Accept Credit Card Payments

                          Credit Card Processing Ways

Those who own online businesses must have the facilities to accept credit card payments. In developed countries, more than 90 percent of the customers use credit cards for making payments. If you don’t own a credit card processing facility, you are losing all these customers to your competitors. Some might have the idea that credit card processing is affordable only for large scale businesses. There is no base for this belief. Credit card processing can be affordable and useful for both small scale businesses and large scale businesses, given that the right credit card processing service is used for the transactions.

Advantages of credit cards

Most customers prefer credit cards to conventional payments methods because of two different reasons; they are easy to use and safe. Of late, it has become a tendency among customers to ditch ecommerce websites or shopping outlets that do not have credit card processing facility. Online credit card processing is also becoming popular among customers as well as merchants.

What is online card processing?

Online credit card processing is not different from usual credit card processing. For online card processing, the merchant uses his smartphone, PC or tablet, which is connected to a credit card processing machine. Conversely, for normal credit card processing, a credit card processing terminal is used instead. According to experts, online card processing is cheaper and therefore more affordable for small-scale businesses.

Advantages of online card processing

Online Credit Card Processing

                    Credit Card Processing Units

Equipping your business with an online card processing facility is the best way to make it appear more professional. When you accept conventional payment methods like checks, chances are that you might get bad checks or bounced checks. Moreover, when you accept these types of payment options, you have to wait for several days until the payment is cleared. Conversely, credit card payment is instant. The money is transferred to your account immediately. Most important of all, your customers feel safer with their transactions.

Getting started with credit card processing

Getting started with an online credit card processing service is not a big deal. The basic requirement for it is a merchant account. Make sure that you have an impressive credit score to apply for a merchant account. Some banks provide credit card processing machines for free and help you get started with the service immediately.

Enquire about the service with a few banks or seek the advice of a professional in the field before making the choice.

Processing Credit Card Orders Online

Credit Card Processing

          Credit Card Processing Plans

There are several credit card processing companies available nowadays that come with interesting options for small businesses. These companies offer merchant accounts to let small businesses accept credit cards in retail stores and even through mobile phones. But then, selecting the best credit card payment and processing service for your firm can be a difficult task due to the availability of a plethora of such services.

Small business companies usually need to go through third party providers who can help in securing the merchant account for the firm. Moreover, if you’re opting for such a service, you need to be aware of the online gateway system as well. This is because if you’re processing credit card orders online, the transaction passes through such an online gateway system. While opting for such a service, you need to adhere to certain aspects. Most importantly, you need to know about the crucial factors that can help you accept credit cards easily in your business.

Some of the crucial factors that can determine the rates involved in credit card processing include the percentage of sales that are made over the internet, the type of business you own as well as the number of years you have been into this business. Also, you need to closely monitor the cost of the equipment or software required to process the charges. There are certain companies who may want you to maintain an account in their bank to process the credit cards.

Merchant Accounts

      Credit Card Processing Companies

Well, if you’re planning to opt for any such service, make sure that you read all the agreements carefully. This can help you to know about the circumstances the bank can hold your account and all. Some credit card companies also charge their customers if they plan to stop the processing charges all of a sudden. Hence, you should carefully read all the rules and regulations before opting for such a service for your firm.

While planning to choose a credit card processing service, it is important that you do a thorough research on the top services available. You can evaluate the rate plans offered by various credit card companies and then take a final decision on selecting the best one.

Setting up this payment method in your business will only help it grow faster, especially if you’re focusing on the online customers. But as mentioned earlier, you should choose the best service to ensure consistent growth in your business.

Intuit GoPayment And Its Features


      Processing technology for credit cards

Credit cards became extremely popular in a very short time because of the convenience it offers. The consumers get to gain because they can exceed their account amount in return for paying it the next month. Merchants, business owners and various other establishments might suffer in terms of extra money they have to pay in order to avail this service, but make up for the losses and make further profits in terms of increase in sales volume. Banks get to profit from both merchants and clients in return for providing such a platform.

In a short time, many merchants adopted this new system, because it increases their sales potential and improves customer service. Moreover, it was used widely, because most businesses wanted to improve over their rivals making credit card services a standard system. Over time, it has become an accepted mode of payment, whether you want to make deliveries, sell at temporary events or work at remote job sites without landline connections, the ability to exchange money using a plastic card enhances your business profits.

There are several credit card processing systems, one of which is Intuit credit card processing. Intuit helps you:

  • Process transactions quickly and securely over America’s fastest 4G LTE network.
  • Take payments anytime and anywhere using your mobile phone.
  • Keep complete track of your sales data along with back-end system integration.

There are several features of the Intuit credit card processing, which makes it one of the best services:

  • Apart from being simple and fast, setting it up is FREE. You just need to download and install the free app and run it.


                  Card processing and payment

  • Security has been embedded into every level of card transaction in order to exchange money through safe channels. Safety and security are key features of this system.
  • The rates are pretty low (1.7% per swipe). You enjoy several other features like no setup fees, no commitment and the ability to cancel anytime with this feature.
  • The app will automatically calculate your sales tax information. Moreover, you do not even need to enter your location details. The app will factor in your GPS location and calculate your sales tax based on it.
  • It provides compatibility with accounting apps, which ensures that all the transactions are instantly added to your accounting software.

As you can see, this service is extremely useful. Since the app is free and only the credit rates are charged, the amount you pay depends on your sales. Try it once to determine how useful it is.

Credit Card Processing Using iPhone

iPhone Credit Card Processing

    Choose iPhone Credit Card Processing

People who invest in business need to accept payments. Since a majority of business transactions are carried out online, the need for a proper credit card processor is inevitable. Using the same, accepting payments would turn easier. A majority of people today depend on credit cards more than using liquid cash.

Using iPhone credit card processing, you could meet your business requirement of accepting payments in the most reliable way. If your iPhone has an active internet connection, you could connect to a card reader with your iPhone and accept payments easily. The major advantage of making payments using iPhone is that it enables you to process the transaction within 48 hours. You could thus avoid the hassle of opening a merchant account in order to initialize payment through cell phone. If your cell phone has an active internet connection, making payment can be done quite easily.

Mere sales of product and services cannot be considered as the sole factor that can increase profit. If the credit card processor does not function properly, it can affect hundreds of payment transactions. This could cause more harm to the business than good. A customer would stick with your product and service only if all the factors are favorable. If the customer goes through a bitter credit card transaction, he may choose to move on to the competitor’s product and their better payment methods.

Card Reader

    Get iPhone Credit Card Processing

One of the major advantages of iPhone credit card processing is that you could make the payment from anywhere in the world. You can attach the card reader with your iPhone and enter the details. After the completion of the transaction successfully, the customer will get a receipt for the same. Other merits of iPhone credit card processing include a secure transaction. The customers provide their most sensitive credit card information online and hence this credit card processing makes use of SSL connection. This means, the information entered will be encrypted to ensure security. Another advantage is that the credit card number will not be saved on the iPhone and this will help to increase the credibility in the minds of the users.

Having a credit card processor of iPhone is in fact a substitute for different payment devices that are used by a cashier. Moreover, Apple products are reliable and hence businessmen could choose this payment method for successful business transactions. There is no doubt that credit card processing through iPhones will gain wide popularity in the coming years.

When Looking For A Credit Card Processing Service For Your ‘High Risk’ Firm

High Risk Credit Card Processing

    About Credit Card Processing Services

All credit card processing firms adhere to certain guidelines when it comes to providing services to businesses. They evaluate the business you are operating in detail, before offering you their services. However, if by chance, your firm is categorized as a high-risk business, then you might find it difficult to get the card processing service you require.

Opt for high risk credit card processing services

Many credit card processing services refuse to provide services to those businesses, which they deem risky. However, they have opened up a nice business opportunity for many others, who are ready to fill this gap. Also, there are some companies that offer high risk credit card processing services to such companies. Obviously, they charge more for the extra risk they are supposedly taking.

It is common to ask why your business end up in the high risk firms list. This can be due to many reasons like the nature of your business, the poor record keeping system in your office, credit score, and so on. Even if your business mainly involves offshore transactions, then the credit card service provider can classify such a business as high risk.

If a credit card service provider rejects your application though, you can contact them asking for the exact reasons why your business was classified as such. This will help in making the necessary changes in the business processes to reduce the risk perception associated with your firm. If your negative credit history is what led to the high risk rating, then you will have to work on improving your credit score with the help of a financial consultant.

Secured Payment Channels

      High Risk Card Processing Options

However, as mentioned earlier, if the very nature of your business is deemed risky, then there is nothing you can do about it, except to go for a service provider that offers credit card processing services to such high risk businesses. These firms are good at providing the necessary secured payment channels required as well. Some of them specialize in dealing with terminated merchant accounts, especially if it was terminated because of some technical reasons rather than your failure to pay.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of options for getting a credit card processing service for the high risk business you are running. As usual, you have to read the service contract carefully, before signing up for the service.