Square Working On Credit Card Processing Issues

Square Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

Square Inc is a merchant service aggregator and mobile payment company, located in San Francisco. This company markets different hardware and software products and services that include square credit card processing. With the style and compatibility of the apps, they are able to do lot better than the other similar apps. This service is best suited for small and medium companies that need credit card backup process every now and then. Square Inc started in the year 2008, and the name refers to the square card readers used for the process.

With this service, you need adhere to a monthly fee, payment gateways or minimum requirements on the usage. Nevertheless, the large businesses often complain that Square does not have a merchant support number wherein they can lodge complaints immediately. Hence, there are many complaints that need to be addressed at the earliest.

Users have been facing many issues with the usage of this mobile payment system from Square. The most important issue is with the tiny credit card reader. This fits well into the phone’s headphone jack, in all possibility is something, which you do not have.

In response to this issue, the company sent out a message to its users stating that the earlier hardware shortage problem is resolved, which is just fifty percent of the issue. The remaining issue is to manage the demand for the readers and still be able to manage the threat of frauds and chargeback. This seems to be an alarming concern over the firm, as it is credit card processing that they are dealing with. Any issues with the customer’s information or any breach in their information will lead to serious problems, which they are answerable to.

Card Readers

             Credit Card Readers

In order to manage the risks and threats, they have reduced the limits and set them very low. This has become another issue with the customers. Hence they think that the company needs to do a rethinking in this regard and come up with a solution that suits everyone the best. Square has assured that once these issues with the card readers are fixed, they would be good to resume to normal functioning.

While these issues are sorted out, since the readers are scarce, it is time to go back to IOUs and pocket for sometime rather than the square readers. Square credit card processing will get back to normal functioning as soon as all the concerns and complaints are addressed.

Benefits Of Using Mobile Credit Card Processing Systems

Credit Card Processing

            Mobile Card Processing Benefits

Most of us are switching over to card-based financial transactions these days. Obviously, using your credit card or debit card for shopping is much more convenient than carrying a lot of cash with you while shopping. However, this means that business owners must make sure they have the necessary credit card processing facilities for accepting such transactions from the customers.

Why go for Mobile card processing systems?

With almost everyone using a smartphone these days, you now have smartphone apps for pretty much everything. The recent trend is to use smartphone apps for facilitating the credit card transactions. This is particularly advantageous to a business organisation that follows a ‘payment on delivery’ business model.

In such cases, a mobile credit card processing system comes very handy. The employee making the delivery just needs to install the app in the smartphone and link it to the company’s merchant account. The employee can then accept the payment from the customer by entering the credit card information and the PIN number for authenticating the transaction.

This is essentially a card-less transaction, where you require only the credit card information and the PIN number for facilitating the fund transfer. However, for security reasons, it might be necessary to scan or swipe the cards rather than just entering the credit card number. In fact, some card processing agents charge more for the card-less transactions to discourage the practice of not swiping the cards, for security reasons.

If so, you can facilitate this by purchasing a credit card reader designed for the particular brand of smartphone you are using. Just purchase this accessory along with the mobile card processing app and install it properly. This is a very small device that can be easily attached to one of the data ports in your smartphone.

Credit Card Reader

             Credit Card Processing Systems

Encourage your customers to produce the card for making the transaction. Explain to them that card processing companies charge 1% or higher for such card-less transactions.

The main benefit of using such mobile card processing systems is, of course, mobility. You can accept payment anywhere at any time. Also, this makes it very convenient to the customers. They can now make the payment directly to the salesperson and move to the exit, instead to waiting in the queue at the billing counter.

In fact, such queues can be reduced by providing the smartphone app and access to the merchant account to every trusted employee in the business.

Choosing A Good Card Payment Processing Company

Credit Card Processing Companies

                      Credit Card Transactions

These days there are many credit card processing companies which let you offer convenient payment options. If you’ve only started out as a business, or you’re new to the whole credit card payment thing, there are a few things you need to consider before hiring one of these guys. The same are listed below.

The costs

This is one of the main concerns when you hire anyone, let alone credit card processing companies. Most of them have a range of options you can choose from, each costing according to what you’re availing. The main parts you need to check out are the initial fees, the monthly fees, etc. Compare offerings from different companies before making a decision.

The name

The company you’re looking over doesn’t need to have monopolized the service space, but it still makes a difference if they’re sufficiently well known. And, by that, I mean in a good way. Check out what past customers have to say about them, and you’ll have an idea of what to expect yourself. Draw up a list of the credit card processing companies which people think are good for doing business with, preferably those that have been doing this for some time now.

The requirements

You need to have a clear view of what you’re going to need as part of services rendered. With that in mind, check out the credit card processing companies which offer services specifically suited to your interests. If you do decide to call them up, you should be able tell them what services you require. Someone other than you could have completely different objectives in mind, and would be looking for alternate services. Always pay attention to what your business model requires you to do.

The service

Credit Card Payment

                       Credit Card Payment Services

Too few people are duly concerned about this aspect of hiring professionals. Credit card processing should work smoothly and efficiently. The company you hire should provide customer friendly services, and should help out if you face issues with these.

The security

Fraud protection services are indispensible these days; you can never be sure you won’t need them. Your clients need to feel safe while transacting via your processor machines, so make sure you have real time processing and address verification thrown in with whatever else you’re contracting.

Before you decide on a credit card processing company to hire, make sure to check out at least the factors mentioned here. Hedge your bets, and you can bag the best deal out there.

An Overview Of Top Credit Card Processors

Credit Card Processing Companies

               What Is Credit Card Processing

In order to handle the transactions using credit cards for merchant acquiring banks, a merchant itself employs a payment processor company. This is often a third party company, which will help to successfully complete the transactions without any errors or failures. Since all the business payments are done this way these days, you can find several such payment processor companies. Now, let’s take a look at some of the best credit card processing companies around the globe.

Chase Paymentech

A payment processor operated by JPMorgan Chase, which is an international business firm that handles multiple financial operations like credit card processing is called Chase Paymentech.  Because of the reliability and performance offered by the company, Chase Paymentech is mostly preferred by businesses running on larger scales.

Credit Card Processing Services

A credit card processing company that provides professional and skilled help for the merchants is Credit Card Processing Services. The details regarding various features are clearly illustrated in the official website of the company. In addition to the discounted equipments and competitive rates, the Credit card Processing Services also offer some loyalty programs making them reliable for businesses.

E-Commerce Exchange

A credit-card processing company that is mainly intended for only online businesses is called E-Commerce Exchange. This service mainly concentrates on processing of payments for those businesses that use their websites in order to market or sell their products.

First Global Merchant Services

Because of the company’s ability to work with any type of business, whether it is a small, medium, large or internet based businesses, the First Global Merchant Services is an ideal credit card processor. A personal approach is usually employed by the Global Merchant Services in which they come up with the best credit-card processing plans by speaking individually to each business owners.

Free Authnet

Payment Processor Companies

                Note On Credit Card Processing

Free Authnet also offers its users to authorize charges on the internet for free, apart from providing safe and secure credit-card processing for regular businesses, This is a big advantage for those merchants who have a website and a storefront as it will help to save some considerable amount of money.

Merchant Accounts Express

One of the top most rated credit card processors that provide various functions to its clients including wireless and phone processing and point of sales terminals is Merchant Accounts Express. In fact, this company has the accreditation from the BBB i.e. Better Business Bureau and provides a free trial for 30 days.

These are some of the top rated credit card processing companies. However, before choosing any, you need to clearly understand your needs as well as constraints.

Advantages Of Using Mobile Credit Card Processing Services

Mobile Credit Card Processing

           Credit Card Processes

Mobile credit card processing has made payment methods easy and quick. With this feature available, you need not carry cash everywhere when required. With entering of some data, you can initiate the payment process and at the click of a button, the process is complete. This is the most convenient way to make payments for the products purchased with the help of a mobile phone or any other mobile device.

The Impact Of Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing is very simple with the help of mobile phones. All you need to do is connect the device to swipe the credit card to the mobile phone. When you are ready to make the payment, swipe the card and enter the details that are required to complete the process. The service allows one to make payments from anywhere and everywhere quickly and easily.

Making payments through mobile phones is being incorporated with every banking sector and is gaining popularity every day. Some of the service providers are PayPal, Nedbank, etc. it is reported that there are many other brands that often incorporate new and better ideas for enhancing the concept of credit card processing over mobile phones. The market is growing rapidly and has a huge potential.

The Pros Of This Advancement

With the help of such payment methods, payments are made faster and easier, which lets the business dealer to only worry about how to enhance business rather than worrying over payments. Since the method is reliable, the customers are happy to be making use of this feature. This creates an impression about the business dealer and his credibility, since he is making use of one of the most recent and reliable technologies.

The service allows an increased amount of portability because of the small size. You can also

Payment Methods

          Credit Card Payment

make a payment right from a restaurant, work place, home or a park, it does not matter where you are, but you will be able to make payments. Since the service is portable and payments are

very easy, it eliminates the discomforts of other methods of payment.

There is no extra charge applied when it comes to mobile credit card processing. Usually there are no monthly charges but in few cases, they incur a very low charge every month. Apart from being fast, the process is cost effective as well. Implement right away this credit card processing technique to enhance business.


Why You Should Have PayPal Merchant Account

PayPal Credit Card Processing

              Why Use PayPal

If you have ever visited popular e-shopping websites like eBay, you would have seen the “pay through PayPal” option. PayPal is basically an international e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the internet. Notice the word “international”. PayPal rose to fame because it is much simpler when compared to paying with traditional methods such as cheques or money order. Moreover, PayPal money transfers can be done easily from the comfort of your home.

PayPal is basically an acquirer that performs payment processing for other online vendors, auction sites and commercial users. It charges a small fee per transaction. PayPal credit card processing is a must-have feature if your business is predominantly done online. As you can see, people who often purchase products online are more likely to own a PayPal account and hence use the portal to purchase your product.

PayPal became extremely popular due to several reasons; one of them being the fact that PayPal accounts are extremely easy to set up and free for customers to use. All the rules of PayPal are aimed at pleasing the users. Customers can register for free, without signing any contracts and then cancel it at any time. Moreover, multiple options for payments, including credit cards, debit cards and even bank accounts can be used to transfer the funds.

However, even if PayPal is extremely popular, there are certain disadvantages of using this payment portal. PayPal credit card processing has a higher charge back fees than any other service to begin with. Moreover, PayPal has a better-act-safe-than-sorry policy because of which, they might freeze your account for random reasons. A frozen account needs a long time to be released, and the customer-service of PayPal is not on par with other systems. The worst part is the speed; although processing occurs at the touch of a button, it takes several business days for the transaction to actually take place.

Although there are free merchant PayPal credit card processing accounts that do not charge

PayPal Money Transfers

              Benefits Of PayPal

you any fees, they have an upper cap of $500. Hence, it is better to choose a suitable paid offer since the upper cap will inhibit the financial dealings of your business. PayPal accounts are a great advantage for your business and any decrease in profit margin you make will be compensated by increase in the volume of sales. Hence, it is advisable, almost to the point of being a necessity, to enable PayPal card processing, especially if you wish to woo international customers.


Credit Card Processing Services From Costco

Small Business Credit Card Processing

                         Costco Credit Card

If you are looking for credit card processing services, you might want to have a look at what Costco credit card processing services has to offer you. You get the best services in town from Elavon of which Costco is a part. With the services, you not only enjoy the services from Costco, but also save a lot of money. Now this is what we call the best service!

Costco members may possess an American Express credit card, which would come with great rewards. This might make sense, since Costco Stores accept only American Express credit cars. With the credit card, you get plenty of benefits when you make a purchase from Costco stores.

TrueEarnings card from Costco is accepted just the same way American Express credit card is accepted. Costco credit cards are accepted not only at Costco Stores but also at other stores where American Express cards are accepted. With the Costco name on the card, do not imagine that they are accepted only at Costco. However, this card will be useful only if you are a member of Costco.

Here are some of the TrueEarnings card offers when you make a purchase.

  • You get a three percent of cash back when you buy gas.
  • While making a travel purchase or restaurant services, you get two percent cash back.
  • On all other purchases that you make, you get one percent cash back.

Therefore, when you look into the rewards offered, it is evident that there are extra rewards when you shop with Costco. However, the card’s reward formula is much better than most of the other credit card providers in the market that is available only to Costco members. This gets the Costco members going, which is a nice deal for them.

The interest rate for Costco credit card processing is 15.24 percent, which is a sensible rate in

Credit Card Processing

                         Credit Card Processing

the current market. This card is only for those people who pay back in a month’s time and not delay the payment any further than that. This will wipe out all the money that you have saved in the cash back scheme if you do not pay the balance in time.

You need not pay a fee annually for Costco credit cards. However, to sign up for the service, you need to be a paid Costco member. With the help of Costco cards, be it debit or credit, you can shop easily and earn money.

Credit Cards- Processing And Terminal Fees


                  Credit Card Processing

Merchant service providers specialize is setting small business credit card processing systems. These systems are tailor made to the specific needs of the small businesses. While collecting a small credit card processing fees (usually in the form of flat transaction fees and a percentage of the total charges that are involved in the transaction), they can offer many services including, terminal authorization, online services and mobile credit card processing. This will obviously open the doors to new customer markets that you never knew existed in reality.

But as any of the online search will show you, there are numerous merchant service companies to choose from and finding out the perfect provider for your small business can prove to be a daunting task. If you have the idea about what you are looking for in a processing company, making yourself credit card ready can be a simple and easy task. Like any business, small business owners are ultimately concerned with their bottom line,

There are many factors to consider while making an investment in a credit card processing service. These include the time you can expect to be spending learning and understanding the new system, how quickly and easily you can get it fixed if a portal or terminal goes down, and if the service provider offers fraud protection. You should be aware of the credit card processing companies that offer ridiculously low rates and huge discounts on terminal installation but are not backed by the Better Business Bureau.


                        Card Processing Fees

Make sure that the company in question is a reputable one and offers installation and instructional courses for your staff and that they offer twenty four hours technical support in case of an emergency. Moreover, they should offer fraud protection and assistance programs in case any purchases are made through your business with a stolen credit card number. Dealing with the credit card processing companies in situations like this can be much stressful and time consuming for the small businesses. If your credit card provider is on hand to ensure that the right steps to protect yourself are taken, things will go smooth for your business.

With the right credit card services, you will be able to improve your business sales and will be able to go smoother, faster and with much less aggravation. If you wish to know more on credit card processing fees or any other details, you can seek advice of a professional in the field.

Benefits Of Credit Card Processing


Credit Card Processing

Before adopting small business credit card processing, you will have to think from the perspective of the customer and will have to lose any preconceived emotions that you may or may not have regarding it. If you are running a small business online or are having a physical store, accepting credit cards for payments adds convenience to your customers. The percentage of buyers who make use of credit cards for their daily purchases is much higher than ever and you will be turning away customers if you are not willing to provide them the opportunity to buy with credit cards.

Recent reports and statistics regarding credit card processing show an increase in the average purchase size of over 20% when you accept credit cards. There will also be an overall increase in transactions by 40%. This means that integrating small business credit card processing into your business will lead to an instant increase in your business and the numbers of customers that you could be turning away by not accepting credit cards online will be staggering.


         Business Credit Card Processing

Even more important is the perception of your business that professional card payment processing conveys. When you allow for transaction processing through credit cards, you will be making a statement to the customer that you take your business seriously and that you are concerned about adding values and comfort for your customers. In an online business environment, where trust and perception are the keys to customer retention and profitability, accepting credit cards with a secure merchant account system is necessary. When you consult clients regarding moving their online business to success and profit, credit card processing shows near instant results by increasing the sales that were being lost unnecessarily.

Signing up for credit card processing and applying for a merchant account is not as difficult as it seems to be. There are many brokers who can manage the application process for you. This will help you keep it hassle free. Implementing your shopping cart and gateway setup is automatic in most of the modern shopping carts. You just have to keep an eye on the discount rates and other different fees that your credit card processing company wishes to charge and be sure that the services apply for your industry. If you wish to know more on small business credit card processing, you can seek advice of a professional in the field.